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Learning & Development and KM: compatible bedfellows?

13 August 2019

<div><strong>As Head of Learning &amp; Development at Shoosmiths for over ten years I was given the opportunity to broaden my horizons within the company a year ago and begin looking into the role of KM and how it can support a law firm...</strong></div>


Big Data, big tech, big law

13 August 2019

<div><strong>Open any legal journal from 2012-18 and you’ll find articles on ‘Cloud-based legal services’ and ‘Big Data’. They vied for position as the Next Big Thing in Law, but the victor has been crowned and, in case you missed it, the title went to…</strong></div>


The PSL: bridging the technology gap in today's law firms

05 August 2019

<div><strong>Jo Belmonte is Banking and Finance PSL at Gateley Legal. Her role involves making legal knowledge accessible by distilling technical legal updates, reports and market practice into digestible content to help clients improve efficiency. Jo spoke to ARK UK about the PSL’s role in technology and innovation projects, and the impact of implementing an I.T. Horizon Scanning group at Gateley...</strong></div>


The changing face of legal research: a human or artificial endeavour?

02 August 2019

<div><strong>We often hear the word ‘augmented’ as the latest safe word used by conscious technology vendors to reassure the receiving audience that a new artificial intelligence platform will (probably) not replace them in the short to medium-term future – although most of these claims are hyperbolic…</strong></div>


The expanding role of the PSL: an interview with Ailish Hogan

29 July 2019

<div><strong>In advance of Professional Support Lawyer 2019, ARK UK spoke with Ailish Hogan, Associate Director, PSL &amp; KM Recruitment, from leading legal recruitment firm Taylor Root about what firms look for in an effective PSL now…</strong></div>


Stopping knowledge from retiring

24 July 2019

<div class="ql-align-justify"><strong style="color: black;">The biomass industry is at risk of losing valuable knowledge. This article discusses key considerations to stop the impending drain and capture problem-solving logic...&nbsp;</strong></div>


How to put the user at the heart of your KM

11 July 2019

<div><strong>Several years ago I worked as a knowledge worker on an account with a very vigorous user-centric knowledge strategy. Whenever a user left feedback on an article suggesting a corrective action or expressing dissatisfaction, I had to address it immediately...&nbsp;</strong></div>


Document automation: the good, the bad and the too hard to generalise

08 July 2019

<div><strong>Document automation has been around a long time, so why is it some legal firms are only engaging with the software now? Is there something inherently wrong with it or are some just a bit slow to catch on? After almost 10 years engaging with the technology, at a steadily increasing intensity, it may be helpful to share what I have learned so far…&nbsp;</strong></div>


Knowledge is no good unless it can be found when needed

29 May 2019

<div class="ql-align-justify"><strong>I recently purchased a flat in an up-and-coming locality of Bangalore. When I visited the builder’s office to sign the agreement a discord broke out with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Team…</strong>&nbsp;</div>


Make knowledge your organisation’s USP

17 May 2019

<div><strong>The value of knowledge management is becoming increasingly apparent as organisations compete for more business opportunities…</strong></div>


A critical outlook on the KM framework

17 May 2019

<div><strong style="color: windowtext;">Knowledge management (KM) is no longer an exotic topic. Most law firms have recognised its importance and are making progress in this area; however, its use has far from exhausted its potential. This article outlines the factors still standing in the way of KM development in law firms today as for a true breakthrough, a fundamental change of the KM framework is indispensable.&nbsp;</strong></div><div><br></div>


Are you thriving or failing in the wake of the KM standard ISO 30401:2018?

14 May 2019

<div><strong>In November 2018, the knowledge management (KM) community received news of one of the biggest revolutions to occur in the sector, the announcement that the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) would be publishing a new standard on KM, with open arms…</strong></div>


A look back at KM Asia

03 May 2019

<div><strong>Last month’s KM Asia, Hong Kong event was both interactive and informative, highlighting the evolving innovative thinking in knowledge management, as well as the new standards and processes in play today. These themes will also appear at the </strong><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>London KM Summit</strong></a><strong> on 4-5 June 2019... </strong></div>


How to stay on top of disorganised KM

15 April 2019

<div><strong style="background-color: inherit; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">The problem with&nbsp;knowledge management&nbsp;(KM)&nbsp;practiced in most&nbsp;organisations&nbsp;is that it&nbsp;is&nbsp;almost&nbsp;<em>too&nbsp;</em>organised, developing knowledge&nbsp;objects based on predetermined&nbsp;criteria.&nbsp;While this type of KM ensures the capture and storage of information considered important, it fails to account for&nbsp;the&nbsp;knowledge&nbsp;that&nbsp;an&nbsp;organisation&nbsp;generates through less formal interactions&nbsp;such as&nbsp;mail, chats and other communication modes...</strong><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">&nbsp;</span></div>


KM and efficient delivery – how key is consistency?

08 April 2019

<div><strong>If ever I have to give an elevator pitch to explain to someone what knowledge management is for, particularly in the legal context, I tend to respond with “to stop people trying to reinvent the wheel” – or depending on the audience, “to stop people trying to reinvent the wheel at the client’s expense.”&nbsp;</strong></div>


Legal tech and KM: creating the narrative and telling it

02 April 2019

<div><strong>We all say we want to find a better way of doing what we do, but lawyers are not, for the most part, industry disruptors. We are not instigators of change, but rather, professionally and habitually, creatures of process. Our working lives are mandated by strict legal rules and framed by servicing established relationships. And we already know what our clients want... don't we?</strong></div>


How to use intrinsic motivators to drive standards and innovation in KM

22 March 2019

<div><strong style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-color: inherit;">Driving standards and innovation might, on the face of it, seem like&nbsp;they&nbsp;would require very different approaches...&nbsp;</strong><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">&nbsp;</span></div>


Knowledge Management and e-governance: a Digital India case study

21 March 2019

<div><strong>Knowledge is power when managed efficiently, while generating optimum outcomes. Knowledge Management is an established phenomenon, applied across various disciplines for transformational growth...</strong></div>


And on the sixth day God created Man…chester

12 March 2019

<div><strong>There’s a reason why Manchester (UK) was the powerhouse behind the world’s first Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, the city is home to a group of engaged knowledge managers and professional support lawyers (PSLs), who readily support their fee-earning colleagues down in the Square Mile and beyond...</strong></div>


KM and the rise of technology in the legal sector

10 January 2019

<div><strong>The role KM specialists play in helping to implement legal technology within their organisations...</strong></div>


How to think like a genius

10 January 2019

<div><strong>Why you should be using the TRIZ approach when implementing KM around a project...</strong></div>


How an inclusive legal services sector can better serve consumers

10 January 2019

<div><strong>Regulated professional bodies shouldn’t dismiss the value of paralegal practitioners…</strong></div>


A case study: How Knowledge Management was successfully grown in Petroleum Development Oman

10 January 2019

<div><strong>Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has grown rapidly over the past few years and is seen as a leading, best practice and innovative organisation adding value to the economical and societal development of Oman through many supporting activities...</strong></div>


The 3 dimensions of conversational leadership

10 January 2019

<div><strong>Our world is increasingly hyper-connected, which has created an information landscape that is volatile, uncertain and ambiguous. This complexity cannot be controlled or reduced, and this has created a massive challenge for knowledge management professionals...</strong></div>


The 5 caveats of best practice

10 January 2019

<div><strong style="color: black;">There is a lot of pushback in the KM world about the term ‘best practice’, but is it a bad term, or is it just a term than needs rehabilitation?</strong></div>


Office 365: Transformation or Incremental Change?

04 January 2019

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">Why digital transformation is actually about being more human…</strong></div>


How to improve your knowledge team’s visibility

18 December 2018

<div><strong>Hélène Russell, knowledge and learning specialist, talks to Sue Bramall, a colleague in the Law Consultancy Network who specialises in marketing, about her top tips for improving the branding, visibility and reputation of law firm Knowledge Teams, so they can help their colleagues and contribute to the profitability of their firms more effectively...</strong></div>


4 questions - will the ARK KM Legal and PSL conference provide the answers?

30 November 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">2019 will see the first dedicated&nbsp;ARK KM Legal and PSL conference to be held outside London. As well as sharing my thoughts on PSL career development at the event, I'm looking forward to hearing from the various presenters, meeting contemporaries from different firms and learning from each other's experiences – all without the need for a pre-dawn start to catch a train south!</strong></div>


The evolving role of the paralegal

16 November 2018

<div><strong>While paralegals may not be solicitors, that does not mean that they cannot offer support for professional support lawyers (PSLs)…</strong></div>


At Cl confab, ARK Group invites legal industry pros to riff on intelligent collaboration

26 October 2018

<div><strong>At Cl confab, ARK Group invites legal industry&nbsp;pros to riff on intelligent collaboration...</strong></div>


Productive, thought provoking and with much to discuss. And that was just the coffee breaks

19 October 2018

<div><strong>Nick Stone, ARK conference producer writes about the PSL conference, 10 October 2018...</strong></div>


PSLs must convert current awareness into client engagement

28 September 2018

<div><strong>Where do PSLs make their impact, what is their added ‘added value’?</strong></div>


Library management systems: mounting expense or added value?

21 September 2018

<div><strong>Traditionally the library management system (LMS) has provided a systematic and efficient tool for managing our acquisitions, but how will it stand up to the test of time?</strong></div>


Karen Battersby, Charles Russell Speechlys talks to Nick Stone about the role of the PSL

14 September 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">Karen Battersby is responsible for Charles Russell Speechlys' knowledge management, library and learning &amp; development functions. Here Karen discusses the trends, success stories and unlocking value for stakeholders across the legal profession...</strong></div>


5 essentials to position your legal information service for the future

06 September 2018

<div><strong>Legal library leaders should ensure their firms get full value their teams have to offer by staying engaged, aligned and strategic...</strong></div>


From the UK to the US: the PSL role goes global

24 August 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">UK firms have long engaged professional support lawyers and now US firms are embracing the role with full force…</strong></div>


Uniting your business development and library teams

22 August 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">"The law is not an end in itself," says Lance Sapsford, Business Development and Marketing Director of Ince &amp; Co.</strong></div>


AI and the legal librarian: revolution or evolution?

16 August 2018

<div><strong>Technology is undoubtedly changing the way the legal libraries operate and the open-endedness of possibilities is thrilling..</strong></div>


7 ways legal librarians can proactively support business development

09 August 2018

<div><strong>To meet the demands of business development research, firms should transition from reactive information gathering…</strong></div>


3 reasons why PSLs should harness technology

03 August 2018

<div><strong>Professional support lawyers can shape their role with technology and through collaboration...</strong></div>


The 3 phase development of a PSL career

27 July 2018

<div><strong>Although the job title has remained the same, the evolving role of the professional support lawyer presents intriguing and dynamic possibilities…</strong></div>


3 current challenges for legal libraries

20 July 2018

<div><strong>In this article we discuss the key challenges for legal libraries...</strong></div>


3 ways PSLs can add value to fee earners

13 July 2018

<div><strong>In this article you'll find out how Professional Support Lawyers can add value to fee earners...</strong></div>


5 ways to check for the signs of stress

10 May 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">For&nbsp;Mental Health Awareness Week 2018&nbsp;(14-20 May), the focus was on&nbsp;stress...</strong></div>


The Netflix way: rethinking knowledge management in terms of client experience

02 May 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">What do Netflix, Spotify and Amazon have in common? The answer is short and simple: they offer a behaviour-based, personalised experience through a user-friendly platform and they excel at knowing your interests...</strong></div>


Transparency and communication enabled widespread adoption of KM at Transport for London

12 April 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">In this Q&amp;A, Liz Hobbs talks through key learning experiences that enabled her to embed KM into every day business processes and grow a participating community to more than 6,000 people...</strong></div>


Top tips: Making a difference in professional services KM

22 March 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">This brief article by&nbsp;Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer at&nbsp;Ipsos, highlights important considerations for making a difference while working in knowledge management...</strong></div>


The shifting tectonic plates of the legal market

15 March 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">This short post is written by&nbsp;Steve Blundell, Head of Acritas Advisors at&nbsp;Acritas...</strong></div>


Knowledge review is an investment in the future

08 March 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">"Managers are starting to see the knowledge review as an investment in the future and not a cost," says&nbsp;Andrew Trickett, Global Rail Knowledge and Information Manager at&nbsp;Arup...</strong></div>


4 reasons lateral hires fail

01 March 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">It seems logical that both law firm growth and the plugging of a skills and market gap can be met by hiring a partner with an existing following or reputation from another firm...</strong></div>


10 things to consider when rethinking your firm’s compensation system

22 February 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">Innovating your firm’s compensation model can be a herculean task - especially if your existing framework has been in place for decades...</strong></div>


Current awareness provision: New lawyers and emerging technology demand change

08 February 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">In this Q&amp;A, Catherine outlines why current awareness provision is changing within firms and how Eversheds Sutherland has improved its&nbsp;service to benefit both internal stakeholders and clients...</strong></div>


Demonstrate the benefits of knowledge-sharing to fee earners

01 February 2018

<div><strong style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">Highlighting the benefits that can be experienced&nbsp;by fee earners and your senior firm leaders is the key to knowledge-sharing success, says&nbsp;Sophie Brookes, a PSL partner at&nbsp;Gateley...</strong></div>


Next wave is where KM is not even mentioned: a dive into KM Asia 17

11 December 2017

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">This was the first KM Asia event run by Ark Group I’ve attended in Hong Kong. Part of an Asian tour that also took in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and comprised Masterclasses and presentations...</strong></div>


3 ways to future-proof your organisation

10 December 2017

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Cross my palm with silver and I shall tell you your fortune. Or would you prefer to trust your fate in the (many) hands of my psychic octopus?</strong></div>


Debunking the KM myth: knowledge management in the peace-building sector

12 October 2017

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">As a sector invested in transforming conflicts by understanding the root causes of violence, the ability to manage grassroots and organisational knowledge is key to our success...</strong></div>


"Innovation is a matter of survival"

11 October 2017

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Eric Chan, Chair of the Knowledge Management Development Centre&nbsp;talks to ARK Group about the benefits that KM can bring to help organisations create incremental innovation...</strong></div>


Let’s go to Mars - A 5 year mission in AI, Augmented/Virtual Realities and New Behavioral Horizons

05 October 2017

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">A recent masterclass concept I explored over dinner in Lisboa, Portugal centered around a thought experiment based on traveling to Mars...</strong></div>


Unite your people and create the right conditions for valuable conversations

03 May 2017

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">“KM teams can encourage innovation at their organisation&nbsp;by uniting different groups of people and facilitating conversations,” says Andrew Pope, partner at Innosis&nbsp;and speaker at Knowledge Management UK 2017...</strong></div>


The challenge of knowledge management in modern law firms

03 May 2017

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">There’s an old and simple saying which is: “Knowledge is power.” Perhaps never before has that been more truthful than in today’s business world; and few businesses are more directly impacted by the explosive mushrooming of knowledge and data than law firms...</strong></div>


How would you motivate interest in Knowledge Management?

24 April 2017

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Thomas Davenport once wrote that the rise of Google, a new focus on analytics and Big Data, and various organisational and cultural challenges each played a role in KM's declining popularity...</strong></div>


Hari Prasad: The Secrets to Successful Collaboration and Innovation

22 November 2016

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">As one of the 50 Most Influential Knowledge Management Professionals in 2015, Hari Prasad knows a thing or two about driving innovation and creating an environment for effective collaboration...</strong></div>


Get to the point: 5 steps for productive meetings

15 November 2016

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">"Can't help - I'm back-to-back today", or, "sorry, got dragged into a meeting last minute". Common excuses we hear and use when we're too busy due to the burden of meetings...</strong></div>


Use innovation to save, not just to create

12 August 2016

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Innovation is all about ideas, new inventions, the next big thing. Right? Typically, however, innovation is rarely about big ticket items...</strong></div>


How knowledge managers can be innovation managers

04 July 2016

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Innovation management is a process focused approach to innovation. In a nutshell, it's about capturing ideas, evaluating and piloting them before executing them into the real world...</strong></div>


Lost in translation - knowledge management, social media & professional services

06 June 2016

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">At the recent KM Legal event I was struck by the variety of topics scheduled for debate.&nbsp;Client value, Leadership, Artificial Intelligence, Creating Revenue and my own workshop on Social Media (SM)...</strong></div>


KM as a supply chain: adapting views on knowledge management

05 May 2016

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Lord Browne of Madingley, one-time CEO of BP, wrote that “Anyone in the organisation who is not directly accountable for making a profit should be involved in creating and distributing knowledge that the company can use to make a profit.”</strong></div>


Was Blofeld an Innovator? Lessons from the Bond villains

04 May 2016

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Global domination, extortion, revenge. Wonderfully eccentric fictional objectives, and certainly not those that we as ethical innovators aspire to!</strong></div>


5 signs that we have lost our way to a virtual future

20 April 2016

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Technology is expanding into our lives, impacting our day-to-day activities in ways we would never have imagined when we were little... </strong></div>


The barista effect: lessons from making coffee for collaboration

26 February 2016

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">We're seeing the barista effect morph into our everyday lives: Getting on a bandwagon without fully understanding what the customer is really after...</strong></div>


The rise of Legal ‘Lean’ and its impact on Knowledge Management: looking back at KM Legal Europe 2016

27 January 2016

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">A year on from the Breakfast Breakout Martin White and I ran for Legal Knowledge &amp; Information Management professionals in London I found myself back among them in Amsterdam at KM Legal Europe...</strong></div>


Breathe new life into your collaboration tools

26 November 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Whether we want them or not, social collaboration tools are now standard issue in most enterprises...</strong></div>


Proverbs for knowledge managers: wisdom with wit

18 November 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">In the corporate context, the metaphor of knowledge as contextualised information has its detractors...</strong></div>


Why discuss knowledge management?

13 October 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Companies that fail to understand quickly that knowledge is their main asset and do not realise how much they neglect it, taking steps to change the current behavioral processes and models, are bound to see their markets overrun by new companies and solutions...</strong></div>


Being Superman rather than Cinderella

12 October 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Much has been written about the tensions that can exist between fee-earners and support staff in law firms, but Melanie Farquharson, Consultant at 3Kites urged participants to ARK's sell out Professional Support Lawyer conference to break free of the 'Cinderella' role...</strong></div>


Knowing what good looks like…

01 October 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Once again our family sat, drooled and marvelled at the creations of Simon Wood, this year’s winner. His combination of ingredients, skills, techniques and presentation was outstanding, and from the minute the camera zoomed in on his final three courses, you know that you had seen&nbsp;what good looks like...</strong></div>


Face-to-face or remote working?

02 September 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">For some this is a serious question which divides KM practitioners, amongst others...</strong></div>


Knowledge management as a slow-burner

21 August 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">BBQs, brais, whatever you want to call them, they’re one of the reasons that Summer evenings are the long, relaxing family times that they should be...</strong></div>


Travel narrows the mind

19 August 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">With the summer vacation period in full swing here, it is not uncommon to hear tourist reflections from friends and colleagues...</strong></div>


Dangers of exit interviews

07 August 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">“The cockroaches of the HR world: No one knows why they exist, no one can justify or eliminate them, and they will likely survive into the third millennium.”&nbsp;</strong></div>


Preparing for knowledge loss and personal knowledge portfolios

21 July 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">As&nbsp;I suggested&nbsp;last week, retention of critical knowledge is widely seen as an important issue. And so it should be. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Perhaps, but then Harvard Business Review’s piece about&nbsp;unexpected employee resignations&nbsp;suggests the reality could be very different...</strong></div>


It's my knowledge

10 July 2015

<div><strong style="color: rgb(85, 84, 84);">Organisations’ thirst for protecting proprietary knowledge sometimes extends to the desire to retain critical tacit knowledge of its experts...</strong></div>